This is a Page on How To Build and Program Robots.

A current interest of mine is creating a Depth Camera, current abilities to determine objects use algorithmic line edge detection from color images, and robots use a very limited depth detection, but I would like to implement a full depth camera, generating a black and white image of the object, that in combination with a color photo would generate a very distinct line for object identification I believe.
Sterio vision is the method of using multiple image angles, inspired by human eyes, Great Site: Non-Photo Realistic Camera


Robot From Competetion, very good

How Radar Works

Computer Vision
SAE Challenge
More Coming Soon!
off topic (Hackers Convention) First Parts Needed:
Two 6 Volt Gear Motors
Custom Delrin Caster Wheel
Custom Chassis Plate
Clear Plastic Skirt Body
Battery Box

GOOD Tutorials!
Choosing the CPU
Interfacing Primer
DPRG Tutorials (Dallas)
Bunny and the Robot
Gobotics Tutorial
Seattle Robotics Robot

Rug Warriors Kit $$$$
Basic Electronics:
About Servo Motors
Stepping Motors