Artificial Intelligence

This my page on Artificial Intelligence(AI), and how make computers think like/imitate humans.
AI has been an ongoing interest of mine for years, but more recently I have used the internet as a resource and programmed several modules for learning.

  1. What is Artificial Intelligence? - This is perhaps the most important place to start, with a definition of an idea.
    (An Aside - Arguements - A page for you to interact with my arguements!)
  2. Natural Language Processing - letting computers read the English Language.
    Common Sense Research
  3. Game Theories
  4. Neural Networks
  5. Turing Tests
  6. Robots and Ethics of AI
    genetic programming, fuzzy computing, artificial life. computer vision, Fictional AI

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I am currently working on a number of projects, Natural Language Processing for the purpose of Knowledge Learning.
I am using a super-large corpora (450 recent novels) to extract commonsense statements and information to create a large scale ontology and semantic web.

Colleges for AI: Natural Language Processing Emphasis.