James Ratcliff - Software Engineer
9503 Shady Oaks Dr Phone (512) 709-2825 E-mail Falazar23@gmail.com


Senior Software Engineer with 15 years experience in analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of various internet and stand-alone applications. Proficient in a variety of languages, databases, and platforms. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, and mining/extraction of large data patterns, and integration with various software.

Technical Skills

HTML, DHTML, XML / JSON, CSS, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Python, Node.js
REST / SOAP, CGI, Shell Scripting, VRML
C#, Java, C++, .Net
Flash, LISP, Pascal
Database / Application / Tools
MySQL / Oracle
Eclipse / Visual Studio
Microsoft Office / Photoshop / GIMP
Sendmail / Qmail
Other Skills
Android programming
Database Development
Object Oriented Programming
Natural Language Processing
Dynamic Mapping and Google Integrations
Full stack developer
LAMP development

Professional Experience

Applied Research Laboratories - University of Texas at Austin
Senior Software Developer / Systems Analyst - 2005 - Present
- Created and supported a wide range of applications, namely a fully featured integrated system administration application called Ganymede.
- Ganymede controlled all employee accounts (550+ environment), passwords, setup email and the Unix Windows environments.
- Recreated and maintained the internal and external Web applications and content including search engines.
- Monitored security and reporting, Splunk, Snort, Fidelis, and other tools.
- Designed the secure site badge system with random search methods.
- Received a Full Government Security Clearance required to work onsite (DoD requirement).
- Handled various projects for other labs onsite at ARL.
- Managed other employees on the team.
- Implemented internal MediaWiki to improve information sharing, trained users how to use the wiki and how to update internal and external sites.
- http://www.arlut.utexas.edu

The Curriculum Cooperative
Software Engineer (Contract) - 2011 - 2014
- Programmed the full life-cycle for company, designed database and architecture from ground up.
- Created a unique search engine and education curriculum and support databases.
- Created dynamic system for educators to upload and edit lessons, managers to approve lessons, and a back office administration site.
- Developed custom-made shopping cart.
- Integrated site with PayPal.
- Devised unique thumbnail converter system.
- http://www.curriculumcooperative.org/

SyncCom Corp
Systems Programmer (Contract) - 2004 - 2005
- Designed full dynamic backup system.
- Created complicated user registration interface.
- Integrated extensive back office features, including Access and MySQL Server Databases, LDAP systems, and multiple SMTP server support.
- Customized Windows support software.

Omnetix Corporation
Lead Systems Programmer - 2003 - 2005
- Created dynamic web pages using multiple languages, including PHP/Perl/JavaScript/ASP/Java/HTML/XML/CSS. - Managed Linux/Unix/Windows System Administration, Apache and IIS, and other web servers.
- Designed databases with SQL Server, MySQL and PostGRE SQL, security protocols and in-depth customized internet programming.
- Designed and built Omnitex Web Hosting company site.
- Designed and implemented shopping cart for over 10,000 products.
- Managed full Search Engine Optimization life-cycle.

Web Manager (Contract) - 2003 - 2008
- Created and updated web design, user registration system, newsletter system, heavy use web forum.
- Maintained website.
- Managed full Search Engine Optimization life-cycle.

DFWArea Solutions (FallsTown)
Freelance Web Designer (Owner) - 1998 - 2004
- Programmed wide variety of sites in Perl CGI, PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, and HTML.
- Created several city-based directory communities.

University of Texas Arlington
Computer Lab Manager - 1999 - 2000
- Maintained network of computers and installed updated software.
- Assisted students on computer usage and programming.
- Created web pages using Perl, HTML, CGI JavaScript, and Frontpage.


Bachelors Degree in Computer Science / Mathematics from Midwestern State University/University of Texas Arlington
Graduate work on Masters/PhD in Artificial Intelligence (CS) at University of Texas

Memberships and Certifications

American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)