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Lavendar Sensations
Essence true and brilliant
A perfume composed of hope and imagination
with expectations of its fulfillment
one simple vision and a promise of desired goods
the most successful marriage of beauty and blood
stoppered in one simple bottle

What Really Happened...

Here's what really happened,
The final day of the millenium
As you walked to your car
looked up and saw a falling star
On your way home, mind miles away
You can't hear what the radio will say
Thunder pounds and lightning bright
You ponder what you'll tell her tonight
Apocolypse 2000 a billboard says
A proposal that has waited days
You swerve to the right, missing a dog
It becomes hard to see, thru this mist and fog
The earth it trembles, quivers and shakes
You park in her drive, and ease off the brakes
But as you open the door, you see rushing by
from the corner of your eye
What must be a demon,
but hard as you try.
You dont see it again,
and so you pretend
You saw nothing at all, stare strait at the wall
Open the door, but the whole world stops turning
She's standing there before you
Been waiting for awhile.....
Wearing a small blue dress, necklace and a smile
From outside the window, a pulsing light comes
Before you can touch her, or speak, everything stops
You look up, scared stiff as you hear the clock
strike....... 12...... midnight... new years 2000
You waiting to long now your chance is gone,
Shoulda done it sooner

And.... thats what really happened that night when the whole world ended cause someone waited to long for love

Whats Wrong with You?

The blind man who never sees the sun
Every Day, lives without
The deaf boy in the corner listening to Mozart,
Every Day, hearing nothing
The parapalegic in her chair, he strokes her hair,
Every Day, yet she feels nothing.
The mute dancer, who tries
Every Day, to make his voice dance as well.
Every One, Every Day,
Is crippled in some deadly way.
What is mine you may say?
simply a mind that thinks too much
and a heart that continues to care.
Whats your hardship?

Puppy Dog

I am a little puppy dog,
waiting for my little girl.
Look at her with big round eyes,
Knowing she will take me home.
This Christmas I won't be alone.
Comfort, love-a family true.
by the fireplace at night.
no more tears and crying fright.
Just a happy puppy in his little girls lap.

Fairies Wait

When the sun goes down,
And the moon comes up,
And the stars twinkle in the skies,
Then, my little one,
It's time for bed
And time to close your eyes;
For the fairies wait
Till you're fast asleep
To bring sweet dreams to you,
And the moon and stars
Through the windows peep
To see what the fairies will do.

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Incogitancy - (Absence or want of thought)

vacancy of the mind, inunderstanding of the soul,
fatuity my own fault, thoughtlessness from others,
inattention to all needs, dismissing self and others.

Put away thought and unbend the mind,
relax the mind, divert the mind.
unoccupied, unthinking, in thoughtless reverie
absent to life, diverted from death

undreamt 'of desires, unconsidered thoughts,
off one's own mind

absence d'esprit


A fondness, a liking, and a strong inclanation,
affection for the heart, tenderness in the head
capture and rapture, that is what she does
attractive and free loving, what the old stories said

the lover, the suitor, the follower, the adorer; all have I been,
gallant and paramour, a young man on his horse, mild
Yearning and tender passion, doeth still lie ahead
But unlike your horse, this stallion is wild

A flirt or a fancy, feast your eyes on this,
as he struggles along, still wanting the kiss
bewitched, charmed and enchanted, by the tenderest beast.
turns smitten by her wiles, nothing seems amiss

burn love to distraction, to lose one's heart,
engage the affections, never to part
Beloved well loved, strucken with her
settle back down on the floor, as she but strokes your fur.

Coming Soon: Clouds of Love.... written quickly on the spur of the moment... I could have improoved More to come if i can ever find them...... arg
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