Who is Falazar? - Me

Where did you get that name? I made it up, totally, it is my gnome wizard character.

BEWARE: There is more to this little world than you suspect..... secrets abound and mysteries call unto you, Do you heed the call? Answer

Note to viewers: I am neither multiple peronality enabled, nor delusional, or have any other afflections.... other than the norm, but these are a few facets of my being.... if you think it possible to comprehend and understand a little of this, then maybe you should write me... if not... enjoy the pics and be on your merry little way.

The Beggar
I was the Beggar, waiting night and day for but a meager hand out of food and knowledge
The Hermit
I was the Hermit, hiding in my cave, fearful of the outside and the knowledge I had obtained of it.
The Mage
I was the Mage, testing my spellsupon the masses, searching for magic in a magicless world.
The Explorer
I was the Explorer, seeking to find what has yet to be found, always looking to cross over that next set of hills
The Knight
I was the Knight, a lost cause in an unchivalrous world, my armor rusting from the wear and tear of the elements of the new world.
The Destroyer
I am the Destroyer, with power to conquer all and bend it to my will or destroy it.
The Saviour
But I am also the Saviour, with power conquered by love, my will bent to hope, with the greatest ability to create in this the new world

I am a 28 year old male living now in Austin Texas, a computer scientist by calling and a dreamer, writer, and philosopher. I am stuck in a time that is not truly my own, but still strive to do things right and to live the good life.
Jester Me :} My Favorite picture... '98 Party Me :} yeah my b-day party '98.
Dad and Me.... a long time ago... Me and my pretty Siamese kitty.
Me in Full Plate :} Me and Grandparents at Graduation '95

My Huge family.... well part of it...