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Part 1: Doctor Who and the Tardis
Doctor Who, as many fans already know is a british science fiction show that began well over 25 years ago.
The time-traveling Doctor, (whose true name is yet a mystery), originated from another time and planet called Gallifrey (sp). For reasons I cant recall, he got basically annoyed with the time travelers of his home world and stole the Tardis (stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) and ran off to find adventure where he may.
The Tardis is shaped like a 20th century police calling box, but the inside is larger than it appears do to some odd diminensinal tweaking. It has the ability to go anywhere in the space-time continuim, and sometimes has even traveled outside such, though in the early episodes the travels were almost totally at random.

Part 2: The Time Machine by HG Wells
Good older story that deals with time travel, though it does not dwell overly much on the how-to or any scientific basic behind the time travel machine, it still was an early work of wonderful imiganation that got many others started ont the possibility of time-travel. The Time-Traveler in the story ventured far into the future where it seems man had broken itself into two distinct races, neither a very good hope for the future at all.
Part 3: Back to the future
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And now on to the more Scientific Side of Time Travel

Part 1: Tachyons
There are also particles called "tachyons" which, if they exist, have the unique property that they travel faster than the speed of light, which means that they travel backwards through time. This opens up the interesting possibility of actually sending messages to our ancesters. As I say, nobody really knows if they exist yet, because no particle detector has yet detected one, but I really hope they do. Part 2: Worm Holes
Another method of travelling through time is with the use of 'wormholes'. The concept of a wormhole was first suggested by Albert Einstein and they have since been theoretically proven to exist. A wormhole is basically a 'tunnel' through hyperspace (the multi-dimentional space-time continuum). They can be used to travel anywhere in the universe instantaneously. In order to understand how they can be used to travel through time, it is important to understand a little about Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Part 3:
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