British Comedy I Enjoy - Ranked Roughly

Current Favorites
****Up Pompei - Odd series, stand up comedy set in the ancient city of Pompei, very good

****Dr Who - Drama/Comedy The Best Sci-Fi Show Ever - Sometimes Cheesy effects, but good storyline and (Tom Baker) is of course the best Doctor - Seen half of the episodes probably -

****Red Dwarf - The Best Space Show - Comedy Wonderful British hilarity, the only show on the air where there is only 1 human :} - (1 cat, 1 robot, 1 hologram) Seen almost every episode
Full Scripts - Lestats Pages - Season 8 Scripts - Official Fan Club -

****Chef - Sarcasm, dripping with. That describes the Chef of the show, Gareth Blackstock (Lenney Henry) - - Chef Companion - Great Site! -

New on the local PBS:
** Father Ted
*** Murder Most Horrid
**** Brittas Empire
* The Young Ones
**** My Hero

****'Allo 'Allo
A couple pics
Excellent! Cafe Rene
*Keeping Up Appearances
**The Good Life (Good Neighbors)
***Are You Being Served
****Faulty Towers

***Black Adder
Great Site! pics and sound and the works
Black Adder

***Monty Python
***The Red Green Show
**Only Fools and Horses
***The Vicor of Dibley
****HitchHikers Guide to the Universe
****Waiting for God

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