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My Mind is always churning information so I must continuously feed it new data, whether from the news or internet research or TV or books, I must have something to keep occupied with and enjoy being able to learn something new everyday. My site below is not meant to have great meaning to anyone other than myself, and is a good survey of my many varied interests.

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Korea and Iran
I have been studying Nuclear weapons and the two major controversial issues of the news of late: Iran and North Korea.

I have also been studying French and hope to travel to France next year.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
My main area of interest has always been AI; how to get computers to act and respond similar to the way humans do.
AI Lab at University of Texas - Where I started this spring.
UTAI Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Lab Bruce Porter
UTAI Machine Learning - Raymond Mooney

Machine Learning TTh 2-3:30

Neural Networks Wed 4-7pm

My Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pages
I am researching combining logic based, semantic networks, and frame based systems.

I am now declaring an intent to create a Wiki Style Artificial Intelligence November 2006, and plan to file a patent for copyright protection.
The idea is a large scale editable AI, with version control system to be opened up to the community at large. This will provide flexible, easy to use and create system that should be fully functioning.

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Visual C++

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Author: Alan Dean Foster
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Science Friday - Various Science Subjects
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Elfwood - Great fantasy artists here!
IRTC - Internet Raytracing Competetion
Jonathon Browser - Awesome Artwork!
Digital Blasphemy

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Nasa's Space Station
Medieval Personality Test.. interesting
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